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Customer Conversion

The online visitor has submitted their information. Your business has received it, and with that, trust has been given and the customer conversion begins and building their loyalty. Having an effective response time along with specific content the prospective customer expects is critical. It is in this timeline where many business' falter with short branding times of merely a week or two. It takes diligence and effort, with periodic emails, phone calls over time until the branding process of weeks or months has effectively sold the customer and sales captured.

What to think about:

Drip Campaigns, CRM, Customer Response Times, Email Templates, Newsletter Templates

Apply the four foundations of internet marketing...
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If just one of the four fundamental steps of Internet Marketing is missing - the full process of storefront, exposure, acquisition and conversion (SEAC) is broken and results are doomed to fail, or, at the very best, disappointing expectations. To SEAC the success of your online internet marketing, contact me for a consultative plan to raise your web and foot traffic to greater levels than you've ever seen.

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