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The Website Storefront

The age of simple desktop websites, in a short period of time, is long gone. With the advent of mobile devices, responsive websites featuring ,media-rich content and user-friendly access to all areas, from the product, service, information and contact is critical. Websites need to be easily viewed on all platforms, desktops, tablets and smart phones to capture viewers attention. Just because it was built, doesn't mean online users will come. This is just the first step.

Websites Are Now Displayed On Multiple Devices

Years ago Bill Gates stated, “One day my dream is that every home will own a computer.” Not only did his dream come true, but it’s now far beyond that, as it seems as if every person has a computer…in their pocket. Websites can now be viewed on tablets and smart phones, no longer on just desktops and laptops.

Websites Are Now Displayed In Various Locations

Websites are no longer hosted just on “host” companies. Webpages are now able to be built on social media sites, increasing a business’ exposure on the internet.

Websites Should Be Built On The Responsive Coding Platform

Businesses should now be built on the responsive coding platform to be viewed easily on all types of devices for a number of reasons. First, more than 50% of the world now surfs the web with a mobile device, a remarkable change from just a decade ago. Websites built on the old non-responsive code are much harder for visitors to easily move around, and because of that, viewers will not stay long. Second, responsive websites get a boost from the search engines.

Websites Should be Updated

There is nothing worse than a website visitor going to a site from an ad link, excited to think they’ve stumbled upon something unique and what their looking for, only to be extremely disappointed there has been no update for weeks, or even months. Once a visitor notices there has been no activity for a while, doubt is raised as to what that business can provide. A good example is if people notice a nearby restaurant is close to empty during dinner time, the idea comes into mind that the food probably isn’t that good. If the restaurant conversely has lines forming outside every night, to the passing visitor, “I’ve got to try that!” So too the web visitor.

Also, when a website is updated continually, the perception to the visitor is that there is new information, fresh ideas, a reason to come back. No different than what clothing stores do – the first 20-30 feet of entering the store is constantly changed. Store shoppers entering the store from a week or month before think there are new fashion arrivals, when in reality racks were merely swapped out.

Further, the search engines take note of the last time pages were updated. By updating a website continually, the site gets a boost in ranking.

Websites Should Be Unique and Content Rich

At the very least, each page starting with the home page should be written for the visitor and include pertinent information that brought the visitor there in the first place. By showing fresh concepts, fresh ideas and new thought creates the perception you are the expert in your field. Trust is being built immediately when you are offering something many other sites are not.

Also add other media formats, document tutorials for download, videos that can be played with how-to’s or product/service display.

While thinking of building a website can be a daunting task, one-page websites are easily created now that comes across professionally and for a new business or one just now entering their storefront on the web, it’s not as tough as it used to be.

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